"Ok, ok...I got one. What do you get when you cross a dog and a phone?" says Abbey. "I don't know," says Charlie. "A Golden Receiver!"
"What?! What do you mean there's no more Schmackos?!" says Boots of Mosman.
"Holy smokes! Did you see that?!" says Peanut "Yeah, just another day at the office for Superdog," says Bandit.
"Wozzza! Check out the legs on that furry thing making her way into the park! How's my hair look?" says Badger of Mosman.
"We're ready for our close ups Mr. Deville," says Coco, Mitzi and Ashby of Mosman.
Allison and Callie taking a well deserved scratch behind the ears break at Rawson park, Mosman.

"Yeah, pretty tough week for me too. Bartender, get me and Ashby another," says Bailey of Mosman.
"I know, I know...you're thinking how does he make it look so easy," says Ashby of Mosman.
"Alright, alright....we're coming already!" says Willow and Robbie.
"Shhhhhh....don't tell the other two, but I've got an extra ball stashed under my ear flap," says Bounty of Mosman.
"Yep! Definitely a kangaroo in my past life," says Jackson of Mosman.
"Here kitty, kitty, kitty!" says Sam of Neutral Bay

"Not tonight honey, I've got worms." says Yuki with Akira of Cammeray.
"You can put dollars in my collar ladies, but don't touch the merchandaise" says Titan of Mosman
"Yeah! Sisters. How lucky am I?!" says Freddo of Northbridge.
"Sorry. Just a sec. He dropped his contact." says Abbey of Mosman
"This would be a lot more cool if the theme music to James Bond was playing," says Sprinky of Cammeray.
"You know what? Next time, you fetch it!" says Cleo of Crows Nest.

"Can I help you? I'm kinda busy here..." says Willow of Northbridge.
"Hello. My name is Munroe. I like long walks on the beach, enjoying the occasional liver treat and spending time with my favourite dog walker. But eno
"Arrrrgh, matey! Have you ever been to sea?" says Wiley of Mosman.
"That smell? Yeah, that would be me...." says Daisy of Neutral Bay.
"Yep, signed up to R.S.V.P and look at the hot dates I got," says Oscar of Mosman.
"I've mastered the steering, but the acceleration could be a problem," says Chansey of Mosman.

"My kilt is at the cleaners," says Olliver of Willoughby.
"Is anyone else thinking 'One of these things isn't like the other'?" says Sparky of Cammeray.
"What!? What do you mean they cancelled Frasier!?" says Charlie and Sammy of Castlecrag.
"Ok, let's talk this through Badger...you give me the stick, and I'll make sure you both get a chance to chase it. Fair?"
"Wait for meeeeeeeeeee!" says Mitzi
"It's odd to think there isn't a part of this lawn I haven't peed on," says Neo of Northbridge.

Head trainer Mali and Mini
"Well why didn't you just tell me I had food on my face!? How embarrassing!" says Milley of Mosman.
"Oh yeah! Well I bet you can't do this!" Mitzi the mini schnauzer.
"Ok, here's the plan. You distract her with the sad puppy dog eyes, and I'll sneak up from behind and steal the treat pouch, k?" says Titan of Mosman.
"The difference between me and them, is that I make this look good!" says Munroe of Mosman.
"Actually, I'm feeling a little fuzzy this morning," says Chansey of Mosman.

"Look deep into my eyes...you are getting very sleepy...when you wake up, all you are going to want to do is give me lots of treats," says Sid of Neut
"Um, I'm not going to go into detail, but I did something messy over there that needs your attention..." says Spike from Neutral Bay.